About us

ADRIATIC SLOVENICA Zavarovalna družba d.d. is a well-respected Slovenian insurance company incorporated on 29 December 2005 by combining the strengths of two well-known Slovenian insurers: Slovenica Zavarovalniška hiša d.d., Ljubljana, and Adriatic Zavarovalna družba d.d., Koper, which now operate under the name ADRIATIC SLOVENICA Zavarovalna družba d.d. See full company profile >>

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ADRIATIC SLOVENICA is the only insurance company that offers its policyholders a full range of insurance solutions: health, non-life, life and pension insurances.


The Company is managed by a management board consisting of 2 members.
Gabrijel Škof, President of the Management Board
Matija Šenk, Member of the Management Board